The past, the present and the future of PixalPoint – Where we have been and what we’ve been doing

Wednesday, 02 August 2017

It’s been an interesting journey and adventure so far. PixalPoint has been developing some business tools for customers to use with their websites and hosting, as well as the release of version 3 of our website. But what does all of this mean and what is next for PixalPoint?

The past – what we’ve been working on

Over the past year PixalPoint has had an adventure most programmers and designers can only dream of. PixalPoint has developed a unique compression system that operates at a 1:16 ratio reducing the heaviness of your websites, allowing customers with the weakest of signal still able to access your website and services.

We have also been working on an advanced artificial intelligence to help with all those SEO, SMO, SES and CMO problems. Our software now makes it simple for our support staff to maintain your digital optimisation from one point with a complete overview and control of your digital footprint.

The present – Where is PixalPoint at the moment

We’ve been streamlining our services to provide a cost effective and efficient method of support for all billing enquiries, support requests, new accounts and sales. This has now given us a massive reduction in response time from 4 hours to an average of 2 hours with our Priority Service.

PixalPoint Version 3 just around the corner. Version 3 will include our Blog area which will provide customers with important news about Website Engines we use, security advise on keeping you safe online, current scams to help you not get caught out, and to help you help yourself; tips and hints on doing things for yourself.

Thomas Watson-Brown is now heading up PixalPoint with his own visions for the current path PixalPoint will be taking, bringing a whole new adventure for us to enjoy. Thomas has an extensive past in the Tech Industry and will be putting his many years of experience to great use with the PixalPoint brand.

The Future – What is next for PixalPoint & OwlCloud?

The future of PixalPoint is the introduction of OwlCloud. OwlCloud will be taking over in 2018 of all aspects of the hosting services, giving customers complete control over their domains, billing, hosting services and so much more. PixalPoint will still remain to offer Hosting Services to customers in the form of Managed Hosting, where we manage all aspects of your hosting and hosting management, and will still be able to provide immediate support for your hosting services with OwlCloud.

OwlCloud will also be providing a Secure Socket Email System, where individuals will be able to sign up for an email account (much like Hotmail and Google) where security will be main priority.

What is OwlCloud and how will it affect my business

OwlCloud is simply going to be the Hosting part of PixalPoint, where it will be responsible purely for all aspects of Hosting and Domain management. You’ll have access to an automated control system where you’ll be able to self-manage every aspect of your hosting and take complete control of your domains without having to rely on us.

OwlCloud will be utilising the PixalPoint Compression System that has been specifically designed and aimed at hosting, reducing the space you use and increasing the data speeds to your end users (your customers). Essentially it makes your website load faster, more efficiently and with even more security.

How can I get OwlCloud in the future?

OwlCloud will update automatically with no downtime. Your services won’t be interrupted when it happens but when it does, you’ll notice the improvement.

Mailboxes will be automatically switched over to the OwlCloud Mailbox System providing you with more features and benefits, including several upgrade options.

Hosting will be better than ever with the Customer Account System allowing you complete control over your domain names, website hosting, data storage, billing and account information and access to each Hosting Control Panel at the click of a button.

OwlCloud essentially will be like any other hosting company, such as Heart Internet or 1&1. There will be promotions and special offers and a professional support team just like any other hosting company.

PixalPoint teams up with Microsoft

PixalPoint has teamed up with Microsoft to provide extra benefits to our customers. We’ll soon be providing Office 365 Products and Subscriptions as part of your managed hosting service and new accounts will receive a copy of the latest Professional Plus version of Microsoft Office.

More and more businesses are moving towards Office 365 and we have the technology to help you do it seamlessly. Our hosting platform is Office 365 Optimised and ready to keep your Office 365 service more secure and failure free.